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Fire on Montserrat

Dr. Kyla Tuitt and Dr. Derek Ryan travel abroad for a Business Conference to St. Lucia where a life-changing secret is uncovered, catapulting them 20 years back into a tumultuous past .....

Check Out

Marine veteran Nash Ware has found the girl of his dreams, but his wounds run deep. Shy librarian Betsy Bobbin is afraid to fall for a wounded veteran with PTSD. A stalker is after her sister. Will love and trust win out over Betsy’s fear before it’s too late? Find out more at http://debraparmley.com/

Jenna's Christmas Wish

Santa, if there’s one thing I want for Christmas more than anything, it’s someone to spend Christmas with, not as an afterthought invitation because they feel sorry for me, but someone who really wants me to be there. Romance author Jenna Heart is headed to the mountains of East Tennessee for a December writer’s workshop. Since her mother passed after a long illness, Jenna has had one wish: she doesn’t want to spend Christmas alone. Meeting ...

Dangerous Ties

Lillian Hayes' fiance, Thomas Shelton, convinced the townsfolk to exchange their gold for his worthless bank notes. After he disappears with the gold, every eye turns to Lillian for answers. Even her cousin Carl insists she knows where the gold is. He is desperate to find it because he is deeply indebted to Kingston, small town criminal and owner of the local saloon. Carl will do anything to clear his debt; even torture Lillian for answers. Nick Brace is ...

the 10 year plan

Award-winning romantic comedy about two best friends who make a pact to be a couple if neither has found the right guy in ten years. But when their arrangement is almost due, they will do whatever it takes to avoid becoming the other’s last resort.

Beloved Enemy

Volume 3 of the Destiny Trilogy A Science Fiction romantic adventure *** Book 1 - Starquest *** Book 2 - Children Of The Mist *** Each Book is complete and can be read as a 'stand alone' *** BOOK SYNOPSIS Cat Kincaid is obsessed with killing the man she believes is responsible for the torture and death of her sister, but when she eventually catches up with him, survival becomes a greater priority than revenge. Kerry Marchant, haunted by memories, regret and self-blame, shields himself from ...

The Phoenix Decree

Romantic time travel. Nineteenth century Lord Devon Phoenix loves present day Boston artist, Elz Valli. He must protect her from those lured by the flame in her eyes. He comes for her and they face life together head on. It’s sometimes fun, sometimes dangerous, sometimes gut wrenching, and always passionate. Find out more at http://www.annaalbergucci.com/ The Phoenix Decree by Anna Albergucci.

Daddy After Dark: Capturing Pixie

"Pic of you now, in three minutes. Wherever you are," - John Martz How far would you be willing to go for love? "Capturing Pixie" unveils an unprecedented window into an explosive Dominant/Submissive relationship between Chelle Mueller, a fiery retired computer engineer and Dr. John Martz, a mild mannered psychologist, and the husband of her online friend Lesa. From its unlikely inception through a brief Facebook message until the devastating implosion three months later, the "Daddy After Dark" series ...

Sweet Destiny

Sweet Destiny Mari and Ki’s story began in the Royal Vow Series, Sweet Surrender. As I finished what I thought to be the last book of the series, Sweet Temptation, I discovered Mari and Ki had another story to tell. I hope you enjoy this two part story of their sweet destiny. Don’t worry, as a thank you treat I’ve included both parts of this story in one book, Sweet Destiny. Sweet Royal Beginnings – Book 0, Jane & Mikal ...

Trailer Producer
Kathy Golden
Lana Malloy Paranormal Series

This is an example of a series trailer created by Book Trailer Services. This series is great with a romance growing between two main characters with each new book. My series trailers vary in price depending on how many books are featured. So don't hesitate to contact me so we can work out a trailer for your series. Thanks.

Trailer Producer
Kathy Golden
The Place Between Places

http://www.bookreviewsbykathy.com/book-review-the-place-between-places.html Video by http:www.booktrailerservices.com Read my review of this emotionally engaging romantic story you don't want to miss.

Trailer Producer
Kathy Golden
Help Me Make It Through the Night

Read this free short story at http://amzn.to/220OIdG Visit my blog at http://booksbykathy.weebly.com/blog On Christmas Eve, two strangers, fit only for one another's company, meet for the first time at a bar. A chance meeting? Maybe not. But one thing's for certain. They both need someone to help them make it through the night.

Trailer Producer
Kathy Golden
Sweet Destiny

Available at Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/25tr92G Sweet Destiny Mari and Ki’s story began in the Royal Vow Series, Sweet Surrender. As I finished what I thought to be the last book of the series, Sweet Temptation, I discovered Mari and Ki had another story to tell. I hope you enjoy this two part story of their sweet destiny. Don’t worry, as a thank you treat I’ve included both parts of this story in one ...

The Stafford Brothers Series

Trailer for the Stafford Brothers series by Chicki Brown


Twelve German authors came together for a charity-anthology with Christmas short stories. I am proud to be one of them and to support the Children's Hospice "Kinderhospiz Mitteldeutschland Nordhausen e.V.".

Stormy Peril

Stormy Peril is currently on Kindle Scout and would love your nomination. If I win then you get the book for free.


Strathnaver, Scotland, Summer 1792--The Highland Clearances abruptly destroy Artis MacKay's idyllic world. Patrick Steller, the Countess of Sutherland's brutal estate manager, murders Artis' family and burns her village. Forced into indentured servitude in the American colonies, she becomes a Virginia plantation servant. After seven long years, Artis receives her freedom dues--land in Kentucky. Bear MacKee grew up in the Highlands too, but disease claims his parents on his family's voyage to the colonies. Adopted by the ...


Skillfully written, richly authentic, powerfully dramatic, WHISPERING HILLS OF LOVE, is a book that will make you weep, laugh, cringe in fear, fall in love, and remember. Journey to the stunning wilderness of 18th-century Kentucky and meet a memorable cast of heroes, outlaws, Indians, and settlers. In this compassionately written tale of romance and renewal, Kelly McGuffin--an innocent victim of violence and neglect--is haunted by shame. At age eighteen, loneliness and danger compel her to leave her remote cabin in ...


2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Romance Quarter-Finalist and a 2015 Readers' Favorite Gold Medal Winner! Captain Sam Wyllie lost too much in the Revolutionary War, and he's determined to safeguard his heart. When he meets widowed Catherine Adams, Sam commits himself to protecting her from the dangers of frontier life, but can he protect himself from the dangers of love? This heart-wrenching historical romance blends high action, heroism, and humor with a love and passion as powerful and beautiful as ...


Dreaming of building a better life, Stephen and Jane set out across the American frontier in search of a place to call home. But as they bravely plunge through the unexplored formidable wilderness, will this strange land tear the family apart? A robust blend of adventure and action, heartache and humor, with romance and passion, this riveting tale by award-winning historical romance author Dorothy Wiley breaches the walls of time, bringing readers to a young America, where romance and danger ...

450 listings

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