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    RomanceNovelCenter.com is a networking resource center specifically for the romance novel community. A place where authors, editors, cover artists, reviewers, web designers, publishers and romance novel events, conventions, workshops, etc. can advertise their business, profession, abilities, work and artwork. Social networking websites,  and your own personal websites, are not going to get you noticed/found by your target audience, but only to those you ask to view those pages. RomanceNovelCenter.com (RNC) not only attracts those needing/wanting your services, but also those needing stock images, and those wanting to purchase romance novels.

    In RNC's navigation bar is a link to RNC's stock image website RomanceNovelCovers.com, as well as RNC's romance novel online store RomanceNovelStore.com. So heavy traffic for all three websites are all seeing the same networking website, RomanceNovelCenter.com. Having a profile on RNC not only increases your exposure to the entire romance novel community, but also to fans, readers, subscribers and those aspiring to get involved in the romance novel industry.

1.)  Beginning and established authors need editors once they've finished their story. Where do you find one? An online search? Will you really find a list of romance novel editors that way; a quick view of novels they've edited, their rates and a description of themselves, the genres they edit, etc., without even having to contact them?

2.)  You need a romance novel cover made for your novel, but where do you find a cover artist? An online search? Will you really find a list of romance novel cover artists that way; a quick view of all the covers they've designed, their rates and a description of themselves, the genres they design, etc., without even having to contact them?

3.)  What about Romance Novel Reviewers? One of the hardest to find in online searches, and if you do find any, will you quickly see who they've reviewed, or where they publish or advertise their reviews?

4.)  Need a website designed? Of the thousands of Web Designers out there, where do you find those familiar with the romance novel industry, a quick view of their rates and samples of their work, without even contacting them?

5.)  Want to have your novel published by a romance novel publisher? Ok, which one? How much percentage do they retain? Where do they advertise? What are their guidelines? Can you quickly find these answers within just a few minutes on their websites and without even contacting them?

6.)  Which romance novel event are you going to? You don't know where they are? If there are any close to you? Book fairs, book expos, book signings, conventions, conferences, workshops... where are they all? How much do they cost? What are their dates? Who will be there?

Find all these answers and much more on RomanceNovelCenter.com. The only website that puts together everyone in the romance novel industry to promote, advertise and network to increase their business, work, sales and profits.

Besides all the networking ability, RNC's Romance Novel Store (coming soon!) is the FIRST and ONLY store offering authors and publishers 100% of their book sales. Yes you read that correctly. RNC offers 4 levels of memberships when joining RomanceNovelCenter.com, each with their own amount of benefits leaving you the option to choose, so join now for free.

Want additional advertisement/exposure? Upload your Romance Novel Trailer to RNC for visitors to watch. Read about RNC's 'Feature Me' options and its levels of exposure. Want to ask a question, make a point, get advice? Go to RNC's Discussion Forums or to the FAQ page to find answers to the most commonly asked questions and much more.

Jimmy Thomas, Founder of RNC

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