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Kathy Golden
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Profession: Trailer Producer

Profession Status: Established

Work :
Book Trailer Services

Rate :
$15.00 and up

Work :
Manuscript Evaluation

Rate :
.0034 per word

Work :
Book Reviews

Rate :
$30 and $55

Genre(s): All except, Demons, Erotica, Menage, Horror


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Kathy Golden

Tampa Florida United States

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About me

Hi Everyone,
I am an author and a creator of engaging book trailers including my Cover-Promo trailer for just $15 and my Spotlight-on-Your-Cover ($95) and Your-Book-in-Pictures trailers ($125). I also create shorter versions of the last two products: $75 for up to 45 seconds for the Spotlight Trailer and $100 for up to 45 seconds of Your Book in Pictures. I make series-trailers starting at $55, and a 30-second promo trailer for $40. You can contact me to discuss the pricing of a customized trailer. View my creations on YouTube. The link is provided below.

I also offer paid book reviews.If you need a review of your book in two to three weeks as opposed to months from the date of request, I can help. I review all books submitted within three weeks and offer a 1-week express service. You can sample my indepth reviews at my Just Audiobook Reviews website listed below.

If you need a comprehensive evaluation of your manuscript, take a look at my Manuscript Evaluation Service.

Visit my website for details on my book reviews and to contact me about making your trailer. Thanks for viewing my profile, and I look forward to working with you.

Novel Trailers

May 03, 2016 Sweet Destiny
May 30, 2016 Help Me Make It Through the Night
May 30, 2016 The Place Between Places
May 30, 2016 Lana Malloy Paranormal Series

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Kathy Golden
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Thanks, Jimmy. It's good to have my first friend here at RNC. 

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