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Mikki Patrick
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Genre(s): Action-Adventure, Angels, Erotica, Fantasy, Shape-Shifter, Thriller, Vampire

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Mikki Patrick

Stuttgart Baden-Württemberg Germany

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About me

I am an author based in Germany, writing fantasy stories and erotic thrillers.
My fantasy novel "Anderswelt-Chroniken" (Otherworld-Chronicles) is published. The erotic thriller "Breaking you" is still "under construction" ;).
The covers for both novels are made by Cover Artist Mark Freier. I simply love his work! :-) Although it's a bit spooky. So be warned if you check his website: www.freierstein.de

If any author needs information about Europe for his/her novels, don't hesitate to contact me! :)

I am the assistant to the head of legal department of an internationally operating corporation.
When I am not working I am writing. And when I am not writing I am drawing! ;-)
Yup!!! You can call me busy! :-)
If you want to check out my drawings add me as a friend on my facebook page. I prefer drawing people and I am always looking for patterns.
Btw... My friends on fb are only viewable to me.

My Blog

I am part of a Christmas anthology for the benefit of the children's hospice "Kinderhospiz Mitteldeutschland Nordhausen e.V."
Please watch our beautiful trailer! :)


My new novel has been released on 2015/11/08! And!! It is already in Amazon's TopTen within a day! :)


The print version has been relased! Finally... ;)


I published my e-book "Anderswelt-Chroniken" (Otherworld-Chronicles). The print version should follow soon!


Since February 15th my fantasy novel is finished. :) Right now I have my editor check it. I think I am going to publish it in the beginning of March!


To all the Indie Authors out there:

Being quite a perfectionist I never really thought about making book covers myself. I always wanted my cover to be done by a professional cover artist instead.

But choosing a cover artist was a difficult task. Because I am based in Germany I focused on the cover artists in Europe. I viewed dozens of websites and contacted a few in Germany, Sweden, Austria, England and Italy.
I also mailed to Mark Freier, a German cover artist who is working for big publishers and has been almost annually awarded for his artwork. I simply admire his work but honestly I was convinced I could never afford a cover by him.
To keep it short: I could!!! In fact he made both of my covers. And the covers and Facebook banners Mark designed for me are just freakin’ awesome! The result is worth every single cent! ;-)

So please take my advice:
Hire a professional! And give your story the appearance it deserves. You won’t regret it!

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