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Benjamin Kelly
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Profession: Author

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Snowbound Hearts

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The Fabric of Reality

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Genre(s): Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Sci-Fi, Suspense

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Benjamin Kelly

United States

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About me

I'm a science fiction fan with a casual interest in science and ancient history. I write sci-fi, suspense, and paranormal novels. All of my stories contain an element of romance.

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Snowbound Hearts blurb:

When two strangers find themselves stranded in a mountain cabin, even the blizzard howling outside can't cool their heat.

The unexpected end of a relationship sends Stephen searching for peace of mind in the tranquility of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Just when it looks like he'll be spending his time snowed in with a deck of cards as his only companion, the woman of his dreams shows up on his doorstep.

Audrey is having the worst time of her life. After a phone call that shatters her world, she finds herself stuck in the snow on an impassible mountain road. With little choice but to abandon her car, she seeks shelter in a nearby hunting cabin and meets a man that she had never expected to exist.

The romance that ensues gives Stephen and Audrey a taste of what's been missing from life, but Audrey has a prior commitment. As long as the storm rages they can be together, but snow can't fall forever.

The Fabric of Reality blurb:

Can love bridge the expanse between parallel universes and save two souls from their brutal fate?

Alesia is one of the last surviving humans living on a post apocalyptic Earth where love is a commodity reserved for the elite and a common woman's only value is her ability to produce offspring. On the eve of her first forced union, she discovers a scientist named Gil on an Earth in another universe, but an impenetrable barrier stands between them.

A bloody, worldwide anti-technology rebellion wiped out the scientific community on Gil's Earth, leaving him trapped and under attack in an ancient fortress, an alternate version of one that exists on Alesia's Earth. With time running out, they need to learn the secrets of a fortress that allows communication between people in different universes to have any hope of survival. But the truth leads them to a choice: risk everything on a desperate gamble with little chance of success or spend their remaining moments together, longing to touch one another from the other side of reality.

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