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The Winter Girl

Lily Prescott is only just over a relationship break up when she decides to take up residence in a house left to her by her recently deceased grandmother. Her corporate law job takes a back seat as she licks her wounds in the small country town. She looks around the main shopping street and discovers people who will befriend her, but she also runs into the town’s most eligible bachelor and secret bad boy, Starr Forrester. Loved for his ...

Millie Reinvented

Contemporary Women’s fiction. Erotic romance, enticing and uplifting. She was kissed under the mistletoe: he fell in love. When August kissed Millie at a Christmas party, he was perhaps already half in love with her. Millie suddenly realizes that her husband has not really been kissing her for a couple of years The kiss from August is so different and enjoyable it jolts her into the realization that she has been kissing her husband but he’s just been ...

The Horoscope Writer

A love at first sight story. Two people hungry for love. Something draws Cassie to Dominic and it's not just that he's gorgeous. Dominic struggles with a secret and the intoxicating degree of his love for Cassie. A winter warmer. A delicious love story with a twist. Cassie and Dominic's love is written in the stars. **** When Dominic Reed looks out of his study window and sees Cassie, he’s not sure what to make of her ...

The Last Time

Steamy, erotic romance with a twist of mystery. Actor Seth Carbery swears he will never fall in love again, that is until he meets private detective Bethany Snow. Something strange is going on. Seth and other members of the movie cast and crew are receiving threatening letters, but no threat has ever been carried out... yet. Bethany Snow is sent on location by the Black Agency to investigate, and guard Seth Carbery against danger. The case is not what it ...

Choosing Riley: Sarafin Warriors 1

Riley St. Claire has always followed her own rules. When she discovers her current employer is not as law abiding as she thought, she has to leave town in a hurry or end up buried with the dead guy she discovered. What she doesn’t expect is to find herself being picked up by a passing trader from another world. As the ruling King of Sarafin, Vox d’Rojah, was expected to produce a son who would be joined in ...

Paul's Pursuit:Dragon Lords of Valdier 6

Paul Grove loves two things in the world more than anything else: his daughter, Trisha, and roaming the mountains and forests of Wyoming. One he would kill for, the other is who he is. He has spent his life devoted to his ‘little’ girl, even though she isn’t so little anymore. When she disappears, he focuses all of his hunting and tracking skills on finding her. The tracks he has found make no sense, the clues left behind unlike ...

Abducting Casey

Kidnapped: Held captive somewhere in the mountains by men intent on blackmail, Casey Gillette soon discovers her only chance to survive is to trust the one man among her captors who seems different from the rest. Undercover Cop: As an undercover cop, Matt Sash has had made plenty of tough calls in the field before, but this may be his toughest yet. Only days away from stopping a terrorist attack in Chicago, he’s thrust into the role of protector ...

Beyond a Highland Whisper

He'd wait for her as long as it took. It took 600 years. Beyond a Highland Whisper by Maeve Greyson Available Now!

Siren Song

A fan made trailer for Siren Song

Deja Vu

Accustomed to being found attractive, Darcey St. Claire was not fazed by the lustful looks Vincent Guidry cast in her direction. It was the feeling of déjà vu creeping up her spine that made her run at breakneck speed away from the handsome former quarterback. And she wouldn't have ever sought him out again. Not for herself. But there was someone else to consider...

Love Dreams short trailer

Haunting nightmares. Erotic dreams. Which will be her reality in this hit and miss erotic romance. He's handsome, he's rich, and he's confined to a wheelchair, struggling to adapt to his new limitations. No longer able to get down and dirty with his construction crew, Michael Chessler dwells in a storybook cottage in the woodlands of Connecticut where he designs buildings and dreams about a woman he's never met. In the aftermath of an abusive relationship, ...

Sweet Dreams in the Mind of a Serial Kil

Meet the Hot DA, the Women who chase him, and the Serial Killer he's hell bent on capturing. Sexy Thrilling Suspense. Gory . . . Sweet Dreams in the Mind of a Serial Killer, horror novel by January Valentine. A serial killer is on the loose, moving up the East Coast, leaving bodies & notes. Planting roses in his victims. Leonardo Gibraldi, Baltimore's sexy Assistant DA, is tracking the fiend who's responsible for the grisly murder of his ex-girlfriend. Leo's ...

Love Dreams

Contemporary, sensual romance novel. He's hot. He's rich. He's in a wheelchair. She's beautiful. She's traumatized. She's trying to rebuild her life. While she struggles to deal with the past, he's barely making it through each day. Do dreams come true? What about nightmares? There are plenty of both in this book. Love Dreams, sensual romance by January Valentine. Water Forest Press Books.

Just a Little Unwell

To be released on March 23, 2013. Find the book details and information here, including some excerpt. Summary: Patrick is happy until a stranger steps into his garden and into his life.

Head Over Wheels

Jewelia (Jewel) Delarosa has just turned 21, lost a boyfriend, and a semester at school. She's recovering well, and determined to be part of the NYPD, until her plans explode when she meets irresistible and unpredictable medical student, Indigo (James/Jimmy Ballou). Indigo is almost too hot to handle, plus he's overwhelmed with responsibilities ... and secrets. Jewel makes his blood boil, but he can't risk involvement, especially with a girl like her, so he keeps backing off to ...

Gemini Rising

Gemini Rising is a dark fantasy with erotic and psychological overtones. The novel was #1 in Mainstream in the 2012 Preditors & Editors Poll

Cover Artist
The Wolf's Mate Series by R.E. Butler

Book Trailer by www.coversbyramona.blogspot.com. Please contact me for custom book covers, pre-made book covers, book/novel trailer videos, or other promotional items like bookmarks, magnets, postcards, etc.

Fatal Promise

Contemporary Erotic Romance Published by ~ Siren Publishing Release Date : 2/26/2013 Rainey Ann McKenna always keeps her promises... but now one of those promises has a murderer moving into her home...

Saved at Sunrise

This is the latest book trailer I did for C.C. Hunter's Shadow Falls series.

Klass Act

Third book in The Cruiserweight Series, set for 2013 release.

450 listings

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