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Reid Lance Rosenthal
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Profession: Author

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Genre(s): Contemporary, Cowboy, Historical, Romance, Western

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Reid Lance Rosenthal

Douglas Wyoming United States

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About me

Reid is fourth generation land and cattle. He owns interests in nine ranches in the western states. His long-standing devotion to wild and remote places, fierce respect for the American Spirit and values, and reverence for the people – both past and present—who leave their legend and footprint upon America and the West is the inspiration and descriptive underpinning of all of his writing. Perhaps he says it best:

            “If your mind and spirit are seduced by images of windswept ridge tops, flutters of aspen leaves caressed by a canyon breeze, and the crimson tendrils of dying sun…if your fingers feel the silken pulse of a lover and your lips taste the deep kisses of building passion…if nostrils flare with the conjured scents of gunpowder and perfume, sage brush and pine, and your ears delight in the murmur of river current…if pride fills you at the snap of the stars and stripes in a stiff breeze…if your heart pounds at the clash of good and evil and with each twist and turn of interwoven lives you feel a primal throb, then I have accomplished my mission.”—Reid Lance Rosenthal, author of Threads West…An American Saga.

This passion fuels each novel in the widely acclaimed #1 Best-Selling, multiple award winning historical western romance series, Threads West, An American Saga. The sixteen-part saga has been compared to McMurty’s Lonesome Dove, Michener’s Centennial and L’Amour (with steam!) by reviewing authors and readers alike. Each ensuing book unfolds the riveting tale of an emerging nation, an evolving west, and the land forged personalities and lives of the driven men and women whose American spirit built and defended the nation. The western landscape building of a nation, danger and passions weaving personalities and lives from uncommon origins, into generational tapestries of lust, duplicity, enmity, love and triumph. Threads West is the tale of the romance and adventure of America, her people, her spirit hand the West. “It is our story,” Reid whispers. Then, raising his voice to match his passion, deep tones booming, he reminds us, “This is the ongoing story of us.”


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Debra Parmley

Hi Reid! Good to see you here!
We'll need you to add links to your sites so we can find your books. ;-)


Dee Gibbens

Hey Reid...My daddy was a farmer (cattle, horses, soybeans, and cotton); and during my years at the univ. here, I had the great privilege of working out at the ULM Farm for 2 1/2 years where we raised experimental crops of corn and soybeans, but mainly bread thoroughbreds (all of our "babies" were winners at Louisiana Downs).  I'd love to know more about your ranches.  Sounds like you keep busy!  Nice to meet you.

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