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Profession: Web Designer

Profession Status: Well Established

Work :
Web Design

Rate :
$60-$100 / hr

Work :
Graphic Design

Rate :
$40 - $60 / hr

Work :
Social Media Promos

Rate :
$40 - $60 / hr

Genre(s): All

Award Winning: Not Yet


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Memphis Tennessee United States

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About me

I am a self-employed web and graphic designer, with 13 years experience in web design. I design sites which are easy to update, maintain, and change at a moment's notice, and integrate the latest social media functionality, blogging, and multimedia to really help you reach your audience. I live in Memphis, TN, with the love of my life and two adorable cats.  If I can help you with any of your web, graphic, and social media needs, please let me know.

My professional web site is at: http://www.getaspark.com

I was referred here by author Debra Parmley, whose site I design and maintain: http://www.debraparmley.com

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Debra Parmley
RNC Administrator
Cover Model Jimmy Thomas


Debra Parmley

I have been more than pleased with the website Michele designed for me.

The artwork on my site integrating wispy greenery along with actual text from my first book is an original design by Michele which fits my personality. Friends, upon seeing it for the first time, exclaimed Debra, that is so you!

Beyond the visuals of my site, I love the interactive functionality.
By writing a post in the blog which lives on my home page I can post it easily to facebook and interact with readers there. My facebook posts on my fan page immediately post to Twitter. All this cross posting and interactivity not only helps me to connect across a broader range of sites, it saves time. Good time management practices such as these help me to have more time to write my books.

Beyond the site itself, Michele is easy to work with. Very patient with explaining the Joomla system to the less than tech savvy person and quick to respond to emails.?

Having a Joomla based website allows me to change small things on my website without having to go through Michele. For instance I can quickly add a new link to my links page, or a photo to my photos section, or update my calendar or add one new line to my bio page. Being able to make the small changes myself also saves money while I am on a limited budget.

I cannot say enough good thing about Michele and Get A Spark web design.?

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