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Houston Texas United States

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About me

I typically write paranormal thrillers. My writing voice is sometimes referred to as lyrical, and in some works, similar to Anne Rice. I have strong romantic elements, but most pieces veer heavily in the direction of thrillers. I write under two names, my own, Loretta Wheeler, and my pen name, L Reveaux. When using my pen name, my work is darker, and involves either strong language and/or sexual passages. Most of my work is set in the south, frequently in Louisiana. For me, the south offers a sultriness that lends itself to the telling of passionate tales, whether the passion is sexual, or something darker. Many of my works were previously published and the rights returned to me. I decided to take my returned pieces and try the indie route, so most are now up as e-books only. One piece still remains in print in an anthology. It's in the Erotic Dreamspell anthology and titled, Siren's Call, written under L Reveaux. I have two websites, one under Loretta Wheeler, the other under L Reveaux. I'm active on Facebook, and Twitter, under Loretta Wheeler. I'm also a member of the RWA, Kiss of Death,and Elements. You can usually find me hovering on Facebook most often. I live in the south,and since my Muse seems to love whispering tales of this vicinity, I'd say, for me, that's a good thing.

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