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Katrina LaFond
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Genre(s): Drama, Erotica, Fantasy, Futuristic, Gothic, Paranormal, Romance, Sci-Fi, Space, Vampire, Werewolves

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Katrina Lafond

Illinois United States

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About me

Writing is the ultimate escape from reality. You can read or watch a movie, but you're not truly immersed in another world like you are when you're creating one. When I'm not writing, I'm wishing I was and when I'm writing I'm living another life. There's some of me in every female character who lets me write her story--some more than others, but I'll never tell which ones. In my other lives I'm a sexy vampire, a powerful witch, an independent werewolf or a seductive human. I can be anyone and anything I want, and who wouldn't want to do that?

My genre of preference is fantasy romance. I became infatuated with vampires in high school when I read a book about a girl, who'd recently been turned, who allowed herself to die in the first rays of dawn rather than feed on the boy with whom she'd fallen in love. I remember that part vividly because I thought it was the most beautiful depiction of unconditional and unrequited love that I'd ever read. I promptly devoured every book with vampires in it that I could get my hands on (in my age range, of course). At the time I wasn’t interested in romance novels, and eventually I ran out of teen vampire stories, so I tried my hand at writing one.

Over the years, my characters and stories have matured with me. At first, the only characters I met were vampires, but eventually, other characters came to me, and I discovered I had a thing for tall, dark and handsome aliens as well. I spend so much time with my characters that they become real to me, and all my friends and family have gotten used to me talking about them that way. Thankfully, if they think I’m crazy, they keep it to themselves. I’ve also been very lucky in love. For 20 years, I’ve been with the same wonderful man who is very tolerant of the fact that I fall in love with the leading men in my books.

My books are available as e-books nearly everywhere e-books are sold, and I also have paperbacks available at Amazon and CreateSpace, or you can contact me through my website about purchasing a signed copy directly. Links for all can be found on my website. Also, check out my Facebook fanpage, hit 'like' and you'll receive updates as to when new books are coming out and where.

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