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Jordan Billingsly
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Genre(s): Chick Lit, Erotica, Mystery, Paranormal, Romance


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Jordan Billingsly

Little Rock Arkansas United States

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About me

Co-Author of steamy series Contract Negotiations. Circuit Breakers & Stud Finder available at Amazon.
An avid reader and student of life, Jordan gets daily inspiration from living in the south. From the I40 corridor trek to dreaming at home improvement stores, her sharp wit and a wicked sense of humor keep everyone around her on their toes.
She enjoys all kinds of music and finds many of her life themes in songs by the Pink, The Dixie Chicks, Adele, Kelley Clarkson and many others.
Mature to a point, Jordan believes the “seven year itch” should be the seven MONTH itch and looks forward to changes. "I came into the world backwards and haven't improved!"
She enjoys traveling and loves the west coast. These days she prefers to play with her make-believe friends, so don’t take offense if she’s slow to respond to social media.

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