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Cover Artist
Angela Holmes
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I am a cover Artist, but my sister and I are both in the process of finishing our first manuscripts for self publishing. We are so excited but we ran into a copy write crediting dilemma and can't move ahead.

In one story there is a reference to the 1949 song "Bali Hai" from Roger and Hammer-stein's Play.
How would we reference the song ? In one part of the book the character is listening to this song and
a few lines of the song need to be entered to set the mood in that part of the story.

How do we go about finding and crediting the song? Thank You for any help.

2016 Jan 08 06:01 pm |Quote

Aspiring Author
M. F. Hopkins
Posts: 3

Yes - it's also my understanding that it's hard to get the ok to use song lyrics in a book, even if you  are only use a line or two, state the source, i.e. the song writer, band, etc. From what I was told, it's safe to allude to a song via the title. Anything else could be a long wait for a positive go-ahead, or lawsuits.

As I write and learn along the way, I was bummed when I realized that I couldn't/shouldn't use a few lines from The Outlaws' 'Green Grass and High Tides' in one of my writing projects. So - I stripped the lyrics from my tale, and made reference to the song, which should be good enough. lol

This is a great site, and I hope to continue to grow and learn from everyone here.

2016 Jan 08 06:01:54 pm | Quote

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