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RNC Administrator
Cover Model Jimmy Thomas
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http://www.lendink.com (not a pirate website)
"Is the loaning of eBooks really legal? Isn't this the same as file sharing?
Yes, loaning of certain eBooks is legal and No, it is not the same as file sharing. The key difference between the two is that the loan status of an eBook is directly dictated by the publisher and file sharing is usually done without the publishers consent. Working with Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble, the
publisher's make their eBooks available for loan under very strict rules. The actual book loaning process is handled by Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble, not by Lendink.

I am a Publisher or Author of a book on Lendink, how did you get a copy of my book?
First, let us explain up front, we do not have a copy of your book. This is actually a common misunderstanding of how Lendink functions. No book has or will be stored on any Lendink server, ever. The title of the book is entered by our members and the book information is fed to us by an automated link between Lendink and Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Our servers only store our member contact information and the basic book information such as the author, ASIN and book description. We do not even store the book cover artwork."

RNC: You can go to your Amazon and Barnes and Noble accounts and opt out of the lending of your books. When you uploaded your book you opt'd in to the lending process:

Introducing KDP Select - a new option to make money and promote your book. When you make your book exclusive to Kindle for at least 90 days, it will be part of the Kindle Owners' Lending Library for the same period and you will earn your share of a monthly fund when readers borrow your books from the library. You will also be able to promote your book as free for up to 5 days during these 90 days.

_ Enroll this book in KDP Select
By checking the box, you are enrolling in KDP Select. Books enrolled in KDP Select must not be available in digital format on any other platform during their enrollment. If your book is found to be available elsewhere in digital format, it may not be eligible to remain in the program. See the KDP Select Terms and Conditions for more details.

RNC: Now for the Catch-22... If you take the 70% royalty, you don't get a choice:

Kindle Book Lending Program: The Kindle Book Lending program enables customers who purchase a Digital Book to lend it subject to limitations we establish from time to time. All Digital Books made available through the Program are automatically included in the Kindle Book Lending program. However, for Digital Books that are in the 35% Royalty Option (as described in the Pricing Page), you may choose to opt out of the Kindle Book Lending program. This will disable lending of the Digital Book by customers who purchase it after you have opted it out, but this will not affect the right of customers who purchased it when lending was enabled to continue to lend it. You may not choose to opt out a Digital Book if it is included in the lending program of another sales or distribution channel. If we become aware that a Digital Book you have opted out is included in the lending program of another sales or distribution channel, we may enable it for lending. Digital Books that are in the 70% Royalty Option (as described in the Pricing Page) cannot be opted out of the lending feature.

http://www.tuebl.com (a pirate website)
"Legal Disclaimer: TUEBL accepts under the DMCA and international copyright law that the uploads being made through our service are made by the copyright holder. Please do not use our service to upload copyrighted material that you dont own the rights to."

RNC: So if you find your books on this website and you (or your publisher) didn't upload them to it, someone else did illegally.

www.ebooks-share.net (a pirate website)

www.bizomy.com (a pirate website)

www.freebookspot.es (a pirate website)

www.superiorz.org (a pirate website)

www.tehparadox.com (a pirate website)

2015 Jun 06 10:06 am |Quote

RNC Administrator
Cover Model Jimmy Thomas
Posts: 192

An author who has been working on getting her novels off of these pirate website said this:

"Before I got an attorney involved, I simply emailed one of the websites to let them know that I owned the copyright to my novel they had on their site, and to please remove it. Basically they flipped me the bird, told me they didn't have to b/c they were protected by DMCS. So my attorney sent them a notice and they replied within TEN minutes (I'm not exaggerating), saying my novel has been removed."

Jimmy Thomas - RNC

2012 Aug 02 01:08:31 am | Quote

Jamie Salisbury
Posts: 6
Great informative article on a topic we are unfortunately going to see more of. 
A lot of sites like these are overseas, out of U.S. jurisdiction, what can be done to stop them?
I know I'll be checking these sites.
2012 Aug 02 04:08:20 pm | Quote

Novel Editor
Julie L. York
Posts: 26
You know, I'm the one who read every word, and ALL the fine print on all 100+ pages of my mortgage papers...leave it to Amazon to hide the fine print on pages no one finds. I did some research of my own today, logging into my Amazon account. I found some VERY helpful advice from a user called "diamondlifestyle" - whomever s/he is - everyone who uses the advice given has had positive results. First basic rule from him, though, is that "you are responsible for protecting your works, not Amazon."

About 1/3 down from the top, "diamondlifestyle" has this topic posted - read both of them.

How to write a legal Copyright Infringement Notice according to DCMA rules:http://forums.kindledirectpublishing.com/kdpforums/thread.jspa?threadID=38731&start=15&tstart=0
The last entry on this thread is about What to do if that (notice) doesn't work - including having Google block their site:http://forums.kindledirectpublishing.com/kdpforums/thread.jspa?messageID=279448
This is an FYI about email notices - they're not technically legal. I work at a CPA firm that deals primarily with the IRS, including auditors. We have international clients, so scanning and emailing signed papers makessense. Problem. The ONLY legally acceptable forms are either originals, or faxes. Signing a piece of paper, scanning it in as a pdf and emailing it does not make it a legally signed document - and believe me, an auditor checks on this. Many of the pirating websites probably know this, which is why they do not offer an address or fax anywhere on their sites.
If they "require" written notice, but don't give an address/fax...here's how you can find out who owns the pirating website for address/phone information:  http://whois.net/  I ran my own website through this site. I asked to have my privacy protected by the company that houses it, so that company's address, phone and fax is listed with me as a c/o instead. Still, a fax or letter to this company would constitute legal notice to me. Others might have similar set ups, or pay extra for privacy, but it's another easily used weapon against pirates.
Last thing, if you have to use the mail, pay extra for either delivery confirmation, or signature required - they are legal documents proving receipt.
Good luck protecting your creations.

Julie L. York
2012 Aug 02 05:08:30 pm | Quote

RNC Administrator
Cover Model Jimmy Thomas
Posts: 192

Update from an author about www.lendink.com:

"I know from posts on several of my groups a lot of publishers were upset about the site and indie authors and planned to contact them. Someone who contacted Amazon was told they would look into it immediately. Today the site is no longer available. So not sure what happened to them. Saw an article online about a woman who decided to try something similar and said while it would not make her rich, it would pay the bills and was so easy to get around the Amazon restrictions. The article explained how the people who open the sites make money off them and went on to say that there is an effort to stop them."

Jimmy Thomas - RNC

2012 Aug 03 11:08:22 am | Quote

Smith Kane
Posts: 1
Proof: http://i39.tinypic.com/330s7pj.jpg

Another pirate site.
This site pirating a lot of books per day, each book has been downloaded by 200 readers per day and then distributed to other sites. We poor authors are working hard months after months to write a book and they are offering it for free to the readers with in next minutes of release.

This way we cannot manage our life. Either we have to stop writing or stop them from pirating the book.
2013 May 13 12:05:34 pm | Quote

Lalaine Love
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