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Erotic Book Trailers
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Genre(s): Erotica, Fantasy, Gay, Lesbian, Medieval, Menage, Mystery, Pirate, Renaissance, Romance, Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Thriller, Time-Travel, Vampire, Victorian

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Erotic Book Trailers

Willard North Carolina United States

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About me

Full service book trailer service using our library available art/video/music or yours. One-on-one professional service designed to meet your budget and needs. Erotic Book Trailers produces high-quality promotional videos for authors who want to have their books taken seriously. We don't offer glittery frou-frou. We do offer stunning visuals and professionally written text that will make readers want to buy your book. We also list your video on YouTube channel and other sites.

Prices for trailers indicate a flat rate. There are no hidden fees. However, trailer rates do not include additional content budget which may be required if what is needed for your trailer is not in our existing library. Most of the time we have what you will need for a trailer, but in the event we do not, we will let you know immediately. The average additional content budget is between $50 and $75, with any unused portion refunded to the author.

Novel Trailers

Jul 17, 2012 Malibu Heat
Jul 17, 2012 Elizabeth's Education
Jul 17, 2012 The Strong Silent Type
Jul 17, 2012 Deja Vu
Jul 17, 2012 Harlot Bride
Jul 17, 2012 The Dragon Master series
Jul 17, 2012 So Not a Cowgirl
Jul 17, 2012 No Ordinary Affair
Jul 17, 2012 Talus
Jul 17, 2012 Under the Lash

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