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Now Playing: Riding the Waves: Teksuen

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  • Teksuen Montreal is a love them and leave them type of guy. To escape his mother's constant bickering for him and his twin to settle down; he escapes to his summer retreat in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for some fun in the sun. One morning while standing on his fourth-floor balcony, Teksuen sees a woman that he wishes to pursue. Why not? He's on vacation. The waves are high. The beach is warm and inviting. Little does Teksuen know the fun he's about to have is with none other than a woman he's had a one-night stand with long ago. Will he stay or will he leave once he finds out the woman's true identity? Dr. Josinia Brown is tired and in desperate need of a break. The death of her father, the raising of her two half siblings, and the opening of her Sports and Rehabilitation practice has left her drained. Not to mention a three-year long battle with her step-mother over her dead father's Will. Josinia's at a point of no return when her friends suggest she come with them to Myrtle Beach for some rest, relaxation, and maybe even a man, or two. She decides to ride the wave, especially when it comes in the form of the sexiest, six-feet plus, Teksuen. Too bad he doesn't remember the night that changed her life forever. Josinia decides to hold on to her secret; riding the wave to see where it takes her.

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