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Now Playing: You're in Good Hands with Al Tate

  • Video posted by: Deborah Gafford
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  • Hilarity and romance reign in this romantic comedy filled with hilarious situations that build to an evening of passion on the ROOFTOP of a Manhattan apartment. Susan Pierson needs a man who's good with his hands. And she needs him NOW. Even after she gets caught ogling her neighbor, Alan Tate, a poster child for steroids and suntan oil if ever there was one, she can't help but drool. When Alan catches her ogling him and asks her to hand him a crescent wrench as he puts together exercise equipment on the apartment patio, Susan feels heat wash over her hotter than the midday sun. Quickly staring at the tools spread out along the top of the low stone divider, she wonders what she wishes for most: for the patio floor to open up and swallow her or somehow to figure out what in blazes a crescent wrench looks like. Jeeze Louise, she'll just have to guess. Lightly running her fingers over the metal implements, she feels their firm surfaces and absorbed heat. Some are long and thin, others short but with a big head. Just like men's… Ooh, baby! Eenie, meenie, miney, moe. CATCH THAT STUD and love him slow!

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